Splittin' the Raft

By Scott Kaiser

Marin Theatre Company Production
Director: Danny Scheie
Scenic Design: Kate Boyd
Costume Design: Todd Roehrman
Lighting Design: Chris Guptill

"Raft" is always intriguing, often funny, deeply evocative and at times very moving. It's also, in director Danny Scheie's blithely inventive production, for the most part wonderfully entertaining…It's Huck and Jim on a raft with Douglass along for the ride…The idea works, and not just because Twain and Douglass were friends. The measured eloquence of Douglass' words reinforces the depth and dignity of Twain's runaway slave Jim, especially in Billingslea's sensitive rendition of both parts. The use of Douglass' descriptions of the horrors of slavery, and of contemporary sermons extolling the practice as ordained by God, adds to the gravity of Jim's escape and Huck's defiance of morality as he understands it.

Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

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Splittin' the Raft

Mark Farrell as Pap and Stacy Ross as Huck in Splittin' the Raft by Scott Kaiser.

Looky here—mind how you talk to me; I’m a standing about all I can stand, now—so don’t give me no sass. I’ve been in town two days, and I hain’t heard nothing but about you bein’ rich. I heard about it away down the river, too. That’s why I come. You git me that money—I want it.

Splittin' the Raft

Stacy Ross as Huck and Aldo Billingslea as Jim in Splittin' the Raft by Scott Kaiser.

The widow’s big nigger, named Jim, had a hairball as big as your fist, which had been took out of the fourth stomach of an ox, and he used to do magic with it.