Original Plays by Scott Kaiser


Shakespeare's Other Women PosterShakespeare’s Other Women: A New Anthology of Monologues


It’s 1623. Shakespeare’s editors John Heminges and Henry Condell have finally finished assembling the Bard’s Complete Works. But what to do with the surplus materials? Especially the unused women’s speeches? Shakespeare’s Other Women puts a spotlight on the women in Shakespeare who deserved to have more stage time, or even plays of their own. Featuring a large cast of women who inhabit dozens of strong female characters from Shakespeare, history, and mythology, the play presents 36 terrific new speeches that Shakespeare might have written for women, but didn’t.

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Love's Labor's Won playbillLove's Labor's Won

At the end of Shakespeare's clever comedy Love's Labor's Lost, the romantic hopes of four young couples are abruptly dashed by the sudden death of the King of France. Their courting suspended, the lovers vow to meet again after a year has passed. But the death of the French King sparks a European war, delaying their reunion for four turbulent years. The couples meet again in Paris for the negotiation of an armistice. But the crucible of war has changed them all. Will their relationships survive?

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Now This playbill Now This

Welcome to the town of Purple Mountain, where teenager Joey Adderall is at the end of his tether. His girlfriend, Amy Clearblue, is pregnant; his father, Mort Soloflex, hasn’t spoken to him in years; his mother, Purelle Swiffer, is a clean freak; his former teacher, Activia Green, is a raging liberal; his boss, Shad Rogaine, has anger management issues; his roommate’s pit bull, Oswald, is a terror. He’s broke, alone, and without hope. What’s a young man to do?

Joey heads to the Clear Cut Mall with a loaded pistol, and shoots his way out of his disposable life, taking with him several fellow consumers. It’s all captured on CCTV by security specialist Randy Lenscrafter, and uploaded to the internet for everyone to see. Can the people of Purple Mountain ever hope to understand—and learn from—Joey’s rampage at the mall?

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Splittin' the Raft playbill

Cover Art by Mick Wiggins

Splittin’ the Raft

Splittin’ the Raft is a highly stylized theatrical retelling of the Huck Finn Story. This rendition of Mark Twain’s classic is interpreted by social reformer, orator, writer and statesman Frederick Douglass, one of America’s greatest voices for freedom, in hopes of setting the record straight.

Four actors play multiple roles, as Mark Twain’s humor, Frederick Douglass’ brilliant language, African-American spirituals, and challenging ideas about race relations in America are highlighted.

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Now This playbillWaiting for April

A Ten-Minute Tragicomedy for Five Characters

It’s time to begin today’s rehearsal for Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot. But a member of the cast is late. Where’s April? The company attempts to work around her part until she arrives. But things get absurd. Then tragic. Godot never shows up…but will April?

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