Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Southern Oregon University Production
Director: Scott Kaiser
Scenic Designer: Craig Hudson
Costume Designer: Etai Alves
Lighting Designer: Michael Stanfill

Director’s Notes:

Twelfth Night is about a set of twins, Viola and Sebastian, who, after a storm at sea, are washed ashore in an unfamiliar country called Illyria. It’s the story of how they learn to live with the madness of the inhabitants to find friendship, music, laughter, and love.

In a way, we are all shipwrecked in an undiscovered country called Illyria, a perplexing place where we must learn to drown our yearning after illusions, keep our heads above the delirium of modern life, and make the best of our circumstances in a strange, strange land.

Viola and Sebastian have been finding happiness in Illyria for the past four hundred years.

How will your story end?

—Scott Kaiser