Pronunciation Guides for Three Sisters

By Anton Chekhov

The materials available below are intended to help actors learn how to pronounce the Russian names, foreign words, and Latin phrases in Anton Chekhov’s Three Sisters.

The audio recordings go along with the accompanying text files. Listen carefully and repeat what you hear aloud as you read along on the drill sheet.

As you work with the drill sheets, note that the syllables printed in CAPS in each word or name should be given a stronger stress than those printed in lower-case.

Practice aloud until the words and phrases flow easily and naturally. It can take some time to master these, so remember to be patient with yourself, and keep practicing!

Please note that these guides only approximate the pronunciation of Russian names, foreign words, and Latin phrases specifically for theatrical productions of the play in the United States.

Also please note that the names, words, and phrases on these drill sheets are derived from the Libby Appel translation of Three Sisters, and that other editions of the play will vary.

Pronunciation Guides for Three Sisters


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