Scott Kaiser directing an actress

Photo by Ezra Severin

Scott working with actress Erin Baird as Helen Alving in a scene from Ghosts, by Henrik Ibsen.

Shakespeare’s Other Women: A New Anthology of Monologues
By Scott Kaiser

Shakespeare's Other WomenIt’s 1623. Shakespeare’s editors John Heminges and Henry Condell have finally finished assembling the Bard’s Complete Works. But what to do with the surplus materials? Especially the unused women’s speeches? Shakespeare’s Other Women puts a spotlight on the women in Shakespeare who deserved to have more stage time, or even plays of their own. Featuring a large cast of women who inhabit dozens of strong female characters from Shakespeare, history, and mythology, the play presents 36 terrific new speeches that Shakespeare might have written for women, but didn’t.


Awake and Sing!
By Clifford Odets

Arcadia“Visiting as guest director from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Scott Kaiser has taken a group of university students and transformed them into an ensemble professional in every respect of its performance. Given a similarly aged university troupe, he has expertly coached each to assume with full believability three generations, ranging all along the spectrum from sixteen to seventy.”

Eddie Reynolds, TalkinBroadway


Love's Labor's Won
By Scott Kaiser

Love's Labor's Won“Playwright/director/theatrical man-of-all-work Scott Kaiser has fashioned his own sequel, one that picks up the plot threads and the major players from Love's Labor's Lost.

Julie Kistler, A Follow Spot


By Tom Stoppard

Arcadia“Kaiser’s direction is sharp and confident and straightforward, which is exactly the right way to handle Stoppard’s lofty explorations.”

Rick Levin, Eugene Weekly


King Henry the Sixth Part One: Talbot & Joan
By William Shakespeare

Henry I“Few American regional theatres have the wherewithal to mount this trilogy in Shakespeare’s “Wars of the Roses” cycle. The epic gives us the younger Will’s most action-packed opus, rife with royal alliances and rifts, crosses and double-crosses. Adapted by Scott Kaiser, and co-directed by Kaiser and Libby Appel, OSF’s brisk, gripping indoor staging of “Henry VI, Part One” sets up the events leading to the bitter cival war between two inter-knit British clans: the Lancasters, headed by pious, ineffectual King Henry VI, and the Yorks, led by Richard Plantagenet.”

Misha Berson, Seattle Times


King Henry the Sixth Parts Two & Three: Henry & Margaret
By William Shakespeare

Henry I“Some people find Shakespeare’s “Henry VI” saga dry and historical. Phooey. Each of the three Henry’s is stuffed with action, with Sopranos-like intrigue and infighting, with nasty people turned deathly evil, and with the introduction of theatre’s vilest villains, the future Richard III. Scott Kaiser, who adapted Part One, combines Parts Two and Three into a single play in which the War of the Roses blooms into full-scale battle and killings, with England’s nobles shifting allegiances while lusting with “Survivor” like fervor to sit atop Britain’s throne.”

Lee Juillerat, Klamath Falls Herald and News


Twelfth Night
By William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night“Southern Oregon University’s new production of “Twelfth Night,” directed by Scott Kaiser, is so full of warmth and brio it almost floats off the stage some time after the chicken breasts in balsamic vinaigrette and before the chocolate mousse. If you’re a Bardophile, you haven’t seen Sebastian and Viola quite like this. And if you’re new to the Bard, this is a place to climb aboard.”

Bill Varble, Mail Tribune


Three SistersThree Sisters
By Anton Chekhov

"Performing Chekhov is difficult even for seasoned actors. What the characters are saying is often at odds with what they are truly feeling or what is really going on around them. Kaiser has taken this group of student actors and elicited superb performances from each and every one of them. There isn't a wrong note or a weak portrayal in the large cast."

Roberta Kent, Mail Tribune


Philadelphia StoryThe Philadelphia Story
By Phillip Barry

“As directed here by Scott Kaiser, The Philadelphia Story proves to be a vintage wine that has lost none of its sparkle.”

Robert H. Miller, Daily Tidings


By Henrik Ibsen

“SOU is fortunate to have Scott Kaiser as director, who is nationally known for is actor-training techniques. “Ghosts” is a very challenging vehicle, one that demands the full use of a craft-based approach. The actors need completely to immerse themselves in the characters; it can’t be faked in so small a playing space. I’m happy to report that the cast of five do him and Ibsen proud.”

Robert H. Miller, Daily Tidings


Anton in Show BusinessAnton in Show Business
By Jane Martin

“SOU opened its six-play season with Jane Martin’s “Anton in Show Business,” smartly directed by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Scott Kaiser.”

Bill Varble, Mail Tribune