Books by Scott Kaiser

The Tao of ShakespeareThe Tao of Shakespeare

A funny thing happened to Scott Kaiser as he completed the Shakespeare canon, the 38 plays generally attributed to William Shakespeare. He began to notice something he hadn't seen before. Sprinkled throughout the plays were elements that Kaiser recognized as Taoism, the ancient Chinese system of philosophy and spirituality said to stem from the teachings of Lao Tzu.​..

Bill Varble, Mail Tribune

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Mastering ShakespeareMastering Shakespeare

"Mastering Shakespeare places Kaiser in the company of John Barton, Cecily Berry, and Patsy Rodenburg: master teachers who have applied scholarship and practicality to develop methods through which contemporary actors can achieve lucid and physically honest performances of early modern characters—and written smart, inspiring, and useful books about the process.”

Jacalyn Royce, Shakespeare Bulletin, Volume 22, Number 4

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Mastering ShakespeareShakespeare's Wordcraft

"A number of books have been written about Shakespeare’s rhetorical figures and the acting clues encoded within, but this text has three features that make it unique and immeasurably useful as a teaching tool. ... the unabashed passion with which this book is written is infectious and will hopefully inspire a new generation of actors and those who teach them."

Daydrie Hague, Associate Professor of Theatre, Auburn University, in Southern Theatre, Volume XLIX Number 3 - Summer 2008

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