Have Shakespeare, Will Travel
by Scott Kaiser

Two men staging fencing for school group

Photo by Jenny Graham

David Eric Thompson and David Salsa performing a scene from Hamlet.

Five Shakespearean Adaptations for Three Actors
From the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s School Visit Program

These five Shakespearean adaptations—one tragedy, one history, one comedy, and one romance—were created for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's School Visit Program.

They were performed in high school gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, assembly halls, and classrooms in places like Weaverville, California; Kenai, Alaska; Kailua Kona, Hawaii; and Roswell, New Mexico.

They require only three actors—two men and one woman—and run no more than forty minutes. They call for absolutely no scenery, and only the few costumes or props than can fit into a small trunk.

They were created not by one person, but by the collective efforts and combined imaginations of a team—an ensemble of three actors and a director, working from scratch in an empty space.

Excerpts are provided here in PDF format:

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